This Search tool can help you determine your eligibility for credit by looking at the precedents established for courses and programs previously assessed for credit by UQ.

What are Credit Precedents
Credit Precedents are previously decided credit applications that UQ may apply when deciding subsequent applications with similar facts.
Who should search for Credit Precedents
  • Anyone who has completed previous studies at another institution and is considering applying for credit towards their program at The University of Queensland.
  • Anyone who is currently enrolled at UQ and is intending to undertake equivalent courses at another institution as a Cross-Institutional or Exchange student.
How to use Precedent results

Please add the UQ and other institution course codes for the precedent or precedents that apply to your case on your Credit Application Form. This completed form should then be sent to the faculty responsible for your program. If you are unsure which faculty is responsible for your program please visit the Courses and Programs website.

If you did not find a corresponding course (either recommended or not recommended) in the Credit Precedents Database then you may still apply for credit for the course, however you must supply your Faculty with a Full Course Profile from the other institution when submitting your Credit Application Form.

Applying for Credit Precedents

If you have completed previous studies at UQ or another institution you may be eligible for credit towards your UQ program. Credit will not be granted for courses where a minimum UQ equivalent grade of 4 was not obtained (see GAR 1.6.3). For further information please visit credit for previous study at UQ.

Credit Application Form

Types of Searches

To view precedents related to a Program or Course you wish to study at UQ

  1. Enter UQ into the Institution Field.
  2. Enter either the Course or Program name.

The results will show past credit precedents related to your choice of study at UQ.

To view precedents related to another institution

  1. Enter The Institution name into the Institution Field.
  2. Enter the Institution Course or Program name.

The results will show credit precedents related to your choice of study.

Credit Precedents Disclaimer

The credit precedents information on this site is provided as a guide only. Credit is awarded in accordance with university policies 3.50.03 Credit for Previous Studies and Recognised Prior Learning. The amount of credit awarded depends on the recency of the studies and equivalence to current courses at UQ, and is subject to limits specified in the University’s General Award Rules and program rules.